We Treat The Following Knee Problems:

Osteoarthrosis (arthritis)

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of joint disease, and one of the most usually affected joints is the knee.

Meniscal Tears

A meniscus tear is usually caused by twisting or turning quickly, often with the foot planted while the knee is bent.

Knee ligament injuries

You can injure a ligament through a sharp change in direction, landing wrong from a jump, or a blunt force hit to the knee.

Knee tendonitis

You’ll notice pain at the bottom edge of your kneecap, or just below it. This usually comes on gradually rather than suddenly.

Knee dislocation

The first thing people see when they have dislocated their knee is the look; it will normally look very odd and out of place.

Knee bursitis

In general, the affected portion of your knee might feel warm, tender and swollen when you put pressure on it.

Linksfield Knee Clinic offers specialised orthopedic knee services with quick assessment times, diagnosis and treatment of lower limb conditions. We are also able to treat sports related injuries to the knee and lower leg. Please visit our FAQ page for for some common questions we get asked.

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