Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered in our F.A.Q’s. below please feel free to contact us.

Do I Need To Be Referred by My GP or Doctor?

You do not need to be referred by your GP or another doctor. However, GP’s and emergency room doctors are able to assess you and help stabilise any acute problems. They can guide you as to the urgency of the condition and very often may be able to treat your condition. Some medical aids require that you are referred to us via your GP before they will pay your specialist bills. Should your GP refer you to another surgeon you are still welcome to contact us and make an appointment.

What Happens At My Consultation?

At your first consultation, we will ask about all your problems, specifically related to your knee. We will examine your knee and any other relevant joints. Almost all new patients will require an X-ray which we do in our rooms. Please don’t go for X-rays somewhere else as we request specialised views that are not standard.

If you have already had X-rays or other investigations done somewhere else please bring them with. We will then decide, together, on a plan going forward.

What Should I Bring To My Consultation?

You will need to bring your medical aid card and proof of identity. When you phone to book, our secretarial team will advise you on the cost of the consultation and any other possible costs. Please bring some form of payment as consultations and in rooms procedures are payable at the time of consult, to be claimed back from your medical aid.

We also suggest that you bring some reading material. While we do attempt to run on time we do get unforeseen delays and occasionally you may have to wait. We do strive to give everyone our undivided attention when we consult with you.

Are Their Benefit's of Stretching Exercises?

There are many benefits of stretching, stretching before and after exercise maintains the length of muscle fibres which tells your body you are warming up for physical activity and prevents contraction.

Runners: How to Reduce Your Knee Stress?

Some of the things which will help:

* Decreasing your step length to avoid overstriding.

* Less “braking” force on your lower leg.

* Less knee bending at foot strike.

When Can You Return to Sport?
Your safe return to sport will be determined by your surgeon giving the all clear and you passing criteria set by your physiotherapist and/or biokineticist.
How Do I Pay For Treatment?
You can pay for your consultation by credit card or cash. You can then submit your account to medical aid and they will reimburse a portion of the amount. The reimbursement rate depends on your medical aid.
Should I Notify You On What Medication I Am Taking?
We will usually ask for this but please notify us of all medication that you may be taking as some medications may react with commonly used medication that we prescribe
How Do You Improve Your Balance?
The best way to improve your balance is to strengthen your core stabilisers (found in the back and abdomen) This is best done in conjunction with a trained biokineticist or trainer who can monitor your form and make appropriate interventions.
How Can You Prevent a Future Leg Injury?
Warm up before you exercise, Wear well-fitting shoes that give good joint support, tape or brace your ankles/knees in high risk sports, avoid activities on slippery or wet surfaces, maintain good general fitness.
What Are The Early Warning Signs Of An Injury?
Swelling, pain, stiffness and reduced range of motion, and/or an inability to weight bear are some of the early warning signs you should see a specialist.
Patient info

We ensure that quality care is afforded to our patients even before formal consultation by taking necessary information about our patients, their lifestyle, and their current ailments.

Knee Specialists in Johannesburg

Prof. Ponky Firer, Dr. Brad Gelbart, and Dr. Matthew Street specialize in knee conditions of any type. Their approach is to improve your mobility and lessen your pain in the least invasive manner possible.

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